Friday, 7 November 2008

Kensington Palace

This is sadly my last post for the London Edition of The Flying Quiche as I will be moving to New York in the next week. I hope to continue with a New York Edition once I'm set up in this new city. Thank you to everyone who dropped by and explored London with me- it is truly a wonderful place- and I hope that you'll follow along as I discover a whole new city.

The Flying Quiche


  1. Wow, give a guy a little warning Claire. I'll watch for your new NYC blog. You did a great job bringing us London.

  2. Wow, what a travel bug you are! This is so great that you get to explore so many new places. Thanks for sharing your views of London with us. I look forward to exploring the Big Apple with you.

  3. Thanks for a showing a place I know well, thrpugh your new eyes. Good luck wuth the next phase of your journey. I hope Londoners treated you well.

  4. Good luck in New York and I'm waiting to see New York through your camera.