Tuesday, 21 October 2008

This might be Paddington?

We were about to get on the Eurostar, but this was before the big overhall of King's Cross Station... and I can't actually remember where the Eurostar used to leave from...


  1. That looks a bit like the Gare du Nord but I wouldn't have picked up on it if the the P of P hadn't noticed.

    The answer is Waterloo. Do I win something?

    Your name's Claire? Well that's the end of FQ for me then.

  2. And the Eurostar now leaves London from St Pancras, not Kings Cross which is next door.

  3. It looks like my babies in this picture???

  4. The Eurostar used to go from Waterloo. Never been on it yet, but would like to in the future.

  5. Thanks Kris (AKA P of P).... I can be a bit of an idiot at times... Gare du Nord it is folks!

    Wayne- yeah it's Claire :)

    Someone- Aren't King's Cross and St Pancras one really big station now?

    Nell- yes it is!

    Gail's Man- You should! It's a lovely ride and lands you right in the middle of Paris.. At the Gare du Nord, as I've learned ;)

  6. I will give you credit for the Paddington, though, because it does look a bit like it. :o)