Friday, 26 September 2008

Green Park

We've had such better wheather for the fall than the summer! Typical.


  1. The lawn chairs in Green Park are a landmark. I'm beginning to wonder if they aren't left out for the benefit of photographers. I didn't look in great detail but I didn't notice anyone sitting in one. Is there a charge for using them?

    Somewhere in my slides and snaps I have a picture of these chairs too.

    Thanks FQ.

  2. I have seen them in Kensinghton Park, near the pond. I thought they were free, oh, how lovely, I thought. But then I discovered they weren't!

  3. You're right that they aren't! I think they all cost about £1 for 30 minutes... How annoying! But it's probably worse to be the guy who has to go ask for the money.

  4. That's not how you spell weather, stupppid.

  5. :(

    I don't always payz attenshun...