Friday, 19 September 2008

From the top of St. Paul's


  1. Wow! And did you try to whisper in the whispering gallery (is that the name of it!?!?) in the Dome?
    I went there a few years ago, but nothing, it didn't work, surely it was too crowded for something as light as a whisper to be heard from one point to the opposite of the dome.
    I was on the millenium bridge a few weeks ago and I admired St. Paul's in front of me and the Tate on my back. Stunning!

  2. Thanks Valeria! I did try whispering in the "Whispering Galleries" and like you- it was too loud to actually tell if it was working, but I was probably too scared to hear anything besides the screaming inside my head! I have a little thing about heights.... So taking that picture was definitely an accomplishement.