Wednesday, 30 July 2008

St Mary Abbot's School

And no matter how hard I looked I could not spot the boy and girl which Gail's Man told me were above the doorway! so maybe this wasn't really the entrace...


  1. Oh how I miss the streets and doors of London. Thanks for taking me back to my time there as a student.

  2. Thanks for visiting Kensington once again, but unfortunately that looks nothing like my old school. So it can't be the same one. For one thing the entrances of my school are next to the church. There's no road down there, only trees & gravestones. There is a small mews off Holland Street, but finishes two thirds of the way down. It's then pedestrians only. To the left as you walk down, is the church, school & playground. To the right is another playground and a small seated area with grass & bushes. As you follow the path round it takes you onto Ken High St, more or less opposite Barkers. Perhaps you might like to go on another expedition to W8. You might also like to take a photo of the Elephant & Castle pub, also on Holland Street. This was quite famous during about 1974, as it was featured in a tv commercial for a perfume called "Charlie". If you're old enough, you may remember it, as it starred Melvyn Hayes, he of "Summer Holiday" and "It Ain't half Hot Mum" fame.

  3. Well damn- Sorry about the Gail's Man. There is a sign very near where I first took the picture of the church, pointing to a school so I assumed this was it. It had me going throuhg a tunnel of sorts to the left of where they now have a flower stand. In any case, I'll give it another go- Afterall, I do live in the area!